In 1956 the forward thinking ranchers of Mankota and District had a vision of bringing the buyers to the cattle rather than shipping them on the rail to only one or two buyers.

They went west to the Cypress Hills where they cut 900 rails, for the building of the pens, alleys and an open air sale ring. The first scale was donated. The first year 2000 head sold at three sales for $157,000.

In the 1970's a carload scale was purchased and a new scale house build to house it as well as a new heated sale ring. Sales in 1978 totaled over the million dollars on 10,617 head. In the 90ís the 90 plus pens were all converted to or added in steel. In 2003 the Mankota Stockmen's Weigh Co. Ltd. computerized the office and the scale. In 2015 nearly 27,000 head were handled and over 44 million dollars in sales. Many of the yearlings are still trailed to the market as was the way in the very beginning. The many buyers come to the front row from every where, including lots of locals, but the Internet broadcasts in real time to wherever you have access.

We have grown over the years and have a very positive outlook for our future.

Mankota Stockmen's Weigh Co. Ltd continues to do what we do best - bring buyers and sellers together in "the land where the deer and the antelope play"
Where we honour tradition while looking to the future!

You can watch all our sales on real time internet - DV Auction
We will still take your bids on the phone.
We will still fax the sales catalogue and all sale information.
Any questions please call 306 478 2229 or e-mail

Selling Prices
Calves $14.00
Yearlings $15.00
Cows $15.00
Bulls <1000 $15.00
Bulls >1000 $24.00
Bred Cattle 3.5%
Registered Cattle 3.5%
All Dollared Cattle 3.5%

Internet Fees are $2.00 per head.
All our sales are broadcast on real time internet.

Yearlings and calves are sold with a pencil shrink and put on feed immediately after weighing.
There is NO extra feed charge.
Thinking of a herd dispersal?
We can help.

Regular Sales
Start @ Noon

GPS Location
N Lat.
W Long.
178 Railway Ave E or
Highway 18 E

P.O. Box 248
Mankota, Saskatchewan
S0H 2W0

Phone: 306-478-2229
Fax: 306-478-2443

Photo by Abbie Bergan October 17th, 2014
Oct 9th 2015 Homestead photo's

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